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The Pro Legal Care LLC practice areas include personal injury, family court matters, criminal defense, litigation, and civil matters. Our collaborative approach connects you with the resources you need, offering you a global approach to solve your problem.

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Family Law

Protect yourself and your parental rights, because the law provides channels to safeguard a continuing strong and healthy relationship with your children. Whether your issue is an Order of Protection, a divorce issue, or something in between, Pro Legal Care has a reputation of protecting your family law litigants and their parental rights. Divorce and other family law issues are more complicated than you may have first thought. The financial ramifications can follow you for the rest of your life. Your rights to support, retirement assets, and other important financial questions are at stake. Have our knowledgeable and experienced legal team avoid the unintended consequences of representing yourself.

Personal Injury

As a victim with an auto accident injury or another personal injury, your quality of life is at stake. You need the best representation, because you may be entitled to a significant amount of money. With our experienced legal team, you pay no legal fees unless we recover money for you! Injury cases are serious and require the assistance of a lawyer. If the law considers you an “injury victim,” you deserve to be compensated with money. Insurance companies do not want to pay for injury claims, so make sure that you do not speak with anyone from the insurance company. Allow us, and do not make the mistake of represent yourself, because doing so is deceptively dangerous and can result in irreversible consequences.

Litigation and Civil Law

Complex disputes make up a significant portion of our law firm’s focus. From trusts and wills, to contractual disputes and business conflicts, Pro Legal Care LLC is the premier law firm for civil litigation. Getting sued can be a debilitating experience, even when the law is on your side. Many cases involve a judge that allows neither party to “win,” because the system often requires some form of sacrifice from both sides for the outcome to be considered fair. Our approach causes effective negotiation by preparing for litigation.

Criminal Defense Law

Under the law, the criminally accused are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, it often seems the opposite: that you are guilty until proven innocent. Your rights, your freedom, and your liberty is at stake if you have been charged with a crime. You could serve time in jail, and the ramifications can could follow you for the rest of your life. Although the role of our police is to “protect and serve,” the reality is our justice system often ends up with unfair results. You are not protected without a competent attorney fighting for you and defending your rights. We are your number one advocate, and you can count on a zealous defense with the Pro Legal Care LLC team on your side.

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