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You need the assistance of a family law attorney attorney, especially in issues as sensitive as family court matters. Family law is a primary focus of Pro Legal Care LLC, and our legal team has a strong reputation regarding domestic relations and for defending parental rights. From non-marital relationships, to orders of protection and divorce, our law firm assists clients in all kinds of family law cases.

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A family law attorney practice includes:

Many of our clients retain the law firm knowing that representing yourself in a divorce is a serious mistake. Your divorce attorney will walk you through the divorce process, because the law of dissolution of marriage is not simple.

Post-Divorce Matters

If you are previously divorced, Pro Legal Care LLC can assist in your post-divorce matters, including many of the issues that relate to initial divorce cases.  This can include:

Marital Assets

Our law firm is experienced in the asset and debt division that is necessary in complex divorce cases, including those that require business valuations, real estate appraisals, and other financial nuances. Although financial issues are important and sometimes the focus of the case, matters involving children take precedence.

When you hire Pro Legal Care LLC, you can rest assured that we will defend your parental rights to the fullest extent of the law. Schedule a free initial consultation today to learn more about the next step. Contact Pro Legal Care LLC now to schedule a meeting today with a divorce attorney, Rockford, Illinois.

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