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Car Accident Lawyer

People call a car collision an “accident,” but many accidents are avoidable. When a serious injury happens that should be avoided, you deserve compensation and a Pro Legal Care LLC car accident lawyer can help. Most personal injury cases are resolved with an insurance claim. The process of your insurance claim can be daunting and confusing which is all the better as far as the insurance company is concerned. They would have you give them free reign over your personal medical records and ask you to provide recorded statements without anyone there to assist you. Do not sign any authorization for the release of any medical records, and do not provide any recorded statements without an attorney to assist you.

Dealing With Insurance Following a Car Accident

You will not be protected if you attempt to deal with the insurance company on your own, and a countless number of people have been taken advantage of when they do not retain a Rockford auto accident lawyer. Personal injury lawyers speak with insurance adjusters daily and develop a rapport with the insurance companies that can work to your advantage. The auto accident attorneys at Pro Legal Care LLC treat your case with professional care and not like a number. While some car accident lawyers will rush your case to settlement, our attorneys are not afraid to bring your case to trial.

Car Accident Settlement

Our goal is to secure the largest personal injury settlement possible, which we take very seriously. The insurance company has a preference to undervalue your damages and minimize your injury. An attorney is necessary to protect your rights in negotiating with the insurance company, because they know that you are unfamiliar with the laws that protect you. Increasingly, your insurance adjuster is likely to apportion liability to you (meaning you are determined to be have a percentage of responsibility, with your monetary compensation to reducing in kind), and it is common for them to deny your claim altogether.

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