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Our firm is licensed to practice in both Illinois and Wisconsin. Learn more about Attorney Townsend and the rest of our team.

Zachary Townsend

Founding Attorney

The Pro Legal Care LLC Team

Erin Talley

Legal Assistant

Derrick Gough

Legal Assistant

Beth Wagner Townsend

Managing Director

What do our clients say about us?

Our reputation in the community is a priority to us, and we can only generate 5 star online reviews if the people we work for are happy with the work we do. We work hard to communicate quickly and efficiently with our clients, develop a winning strategy, and execute those plans to deliver workable solutions in all types of legal matters.

We take pride in our good name because Rockford is our home, and we serve the people of Rockford. We can tell you all about ourselves and the work we do, but we think it’s best if you hear it from our past clients.