Illinois Father’s Rights Issues

Illinois Father's Rights attorneyA divorce or breakup can be very emotional, usually for all of the parties involved, which is why you need an attorney experienced in Father’s rights in Illinois. Ending a marriage is difficult, because it means living your life without the person you took an oath to and vowed to stand by for the rest of your life. The sadness and frustration of a divorce is exacerbated when there are kids involved or there are mental health issues to consider. You are treated differently as a father compared to a mother. It is important to understand that, as a father, you have rights too.

You may be frustrated with the problem of father’s rights, or lack thereof, as in today’s society, the mothers tend to be favored and the judge rules in favor of mother more than 50% of the time. The parental rights of men are supposed to be equal to the parental rights of women under Illinois law, but the truth is that father’s rights are not equal to mother’s rights as a matter of practical reality. In other words, the equality of parental rights between men and women is mostly just theoretical. Although father’s rights should not be decided or affected based on the father’s failure to carry and birth the child, the culture of divorce Court is such that women receive special treatment compared to men.

Although some attorneys refer to Illinois Courts as “pro mom,” you can protect your father rights with the right defense and with the right legal team. Parental rights, including fathers’ rights, must be heard and adjudicated by an impartial and unbiased judge. Unfortunately, for many fathers who cannot afford an attorney or who chose to represent themselves, dad’s rights are being taken right out from under them. In far too many cases, fathers are forced into a position to contribute monetarily much more than they should. Do not get forced into a child support obligation that you are unable to meet.

Protecting Father’s Rights Without an Attorney

For many fathers who just cannot afford an attorney, visitation rights are being compromised and relationships are being lost. Parent-child relationships are being lost as a result of dads simply thinking that they have the knowledge and ability to represent themselves in Court. The result is dads are often forced into unjustified DCFS investigations, drug testing, and other intense monitoring. In some cases, dads are required to pay money to see their own children with a professional supervisor present. Furthermore, fathers found in violation of a Court order, by using the wrong supervisor, can cause dads to be subject to fines as well as a period of incarceration in the Winnebago County Jail. Do not let that be you and be sure to hire counsel. Stand up for your parental rights, because fathers have rights, too.

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