Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Helping Families Stay Together

If your child has been removed from your care due to accusations of child abuse or neglect, immediate action is necessary to preserve your rights as a parent and your relationship with your child. The goals of prosecutors in the abuse and neglect system differ from those in other areas of law and it requires experience and skill to navigate a complex system and restore your family in a healthy and efficient manner.

When allegations of abuse or neglect are made, authorities will act quickly – and you should too. Our attorneys can provide you with a plan of action and peace of mind that your family will recover.

Fighting Child Abuse Allegations

We represent individuals and couples, whether parents or guardians, who have been accused of abuse or neglect or are facing removal proceedings in the state of Illinois. We also handle cases of child removal pursuant to reports of domestic violence. Call (815) 200-8802 today to schedule a free initial consultation to act quickly to reunite your family.