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Lee County Family Attorney

It’s important to hire an experienced local attorney if you have a court case being heard in Dixon, Illinois.  Local rules, specific preferences of judges, and familiarity with the area and situations that arise in Lee County divorce can have an impact on your case.  Attorney Zachary Townsend has been practicing in family law in Lee County since 2011 and prior to his law practice, he was a law clerk for the judges of the 15th Judicial Circuit. Our experience with the Lee County court system can benefit you and your legal matter and help protect your family and your parenting relationship.

Lee County Areas of Practice

We serve our Lee County clients in a number of different types of Family Law.  

Do you have a family law matter that doesn’t fit in one of these categories? Give us a call at (815) 200-8802 to discuss it and we can help you decide if we are a good fit to represent you in your matter.

Communities We Serve in Lee County

We also practice outside of Lee County, in Stephenson County, Winnebago County, Boone County, Ogle County, and more. If you are unsure of where your case is or should be heard, we can help you determine your county or find your case.

How do I schedule a consultation?

Call or text (815) 200-8802 or reach out to us online to request an appointment in order to schedule an initial consultation with Attorney Zachary Townsend for your Lee County case. Through an initial consultation, we can go over the history of your situation, your goals, your budget, and help you develop a new path forward.

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