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Acknowledging the breakdown in your marriage is one of the hardest realizations a person can have.  When reconciliation has failed, and when attempts at marriage counseling were unsuccessful, moving to the next chapter of your life may be the only option. Divorce includes a variety of complex issues, which can be categorized as either financial related matters or child related matters. A divorce attorney will be your advocate as you navigate the road ahead.

We represent clients dealing with a number of dissolution of marriage and financial topics, including high income divorce and gray divorce.

Divorce Attorney Zach Townsend’s Recent Articles

Community Property and Asset Division

Your property and assets are likely a priority in your divorce case.  By hiring an experienced Rockford divorce attorney, you can trust that your financial well-being will be protected.

If you have already begun the process of marital asset division, you should consult an Illinois divorce lawyer who will ensure your assets are rightfully allocated.

Debt Responsibility and Division

Debt accumulated before and during the marriage is often a high-conflict topic in divorce cases.  Your future financial health can be greatly impacted by how well you advocate for yourself today.  Have you taken all forms of debt into consideration?

Parental Rights

Custody, parenting time, holidays and schedules can be some of the most emotional aspects of a family law matter.  By retaining a knowledgeable attorney with extensive experience in family court, you can remove the emotions from the situation so that all parties can focus on what is best for the children while making sure all parents’ rights are protected.  Your Pro Legal Care LLC attorney will be your advocate in all matters related to your children, including:

Parental Responsibilities

Domestic Support

Do you anticipate that support will be part of your divorce agreement? Retaining a lawyer to represent your best interests is always recommended in cases of support.  There are a number of types of domestic support which may apply depending on your family’s situation.


Child Support

Adult Educational Expenses

Disabled Adult Support

Medical Expenses And Health Insurance

Stepparent Rights

Divorces involving stepparents and stepchildren can have special circumstances requiring extra care and planning.  Are you researching your rights as a stepparent facing divorce? Your first step should be to consult a qualified attorney who is familiar with family law in your area in order to protect yourself and your stepchildren as you move forward.  Stepparent rights cases may include:

Settlement And Contractual Agreements

Dissolution of Marriage

Post Dissolution Issues

Is your dissolution complete?  Have all of your issues been addressed?  Your Pro Legal Care LLC attorney will take the time to follow through on every last detail to complete your case.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation can be a powerful tool in the divorce process.  Disagreement over important issues is an inevitability during the dissolution of a marriage, but mediation can help parties find middle ground.

When you seek to find a family court lawyer, you need to find an attorney that works for you. Not every divorce lawyer fits every client. While some attorneys are willing to assist you to solve the problem, others are not willing to provide you the explanation that is necessary for you to make an informed decision. A Pro Legal Care lawyer will get you the information you need to make smart decisions, because knowledge is power.

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