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Emergency Custody Lawyer

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When it comes to your kids and their health, safety, and happiness, you may find yourself in the position of needing an emergency custody lawyer. Pro Legal Care LLC and Attorney Zach Townsend offers emergency consultations via telephone and Zoom and has staff available to handle phone calls, voicemails, emails, and text messages 24/7.

What is a custody emergency?

Any number of issues could constitute an emergency in your family or divorce case.

How can a lawyer help in an emergency custody situation?

If you have had a long or arduous family or divorce case, you have probably experienced how slowly the family courts can work and you may not have faith that your emergency can be addressed in time to make a difference in your child’s health or safety.

Attorneys, pro se (unrepresented) parties, and judges have options that can help your case be heard before your next scheduled date or on an emergency basis.

In past cases, Attorney Townsend and the Pro Legal Care LLC staff have helped calm a crisis through one or many of the following actions:

Your specific situation will determine which path is the best option for your emergency.

What should I look for in a custody lawyer?

Custody lawyers should respond quickly to your inquiry and provide options for consultation. When evaluating an attorney, consider how easy it was to reach their office on nights or weekends, how quickly you were able to schedule a consultation, how thorough their intake and consultation process was in getting to the bottom of the issues in your case, and how comfortable you feel with not just the attorney, but all staff members throughout the scheduling process.

Especially when you have a frightening or dangerous situation involving your children, you need an emergency custody lawyer who can deliver the following:

Can you file for custody without a lawyer?

Yes. An attorney is not required to file motions, appear, and work through the court system in your Family or Divorce case. You can also file for an Order of Protection on behalf of yourself or your child without an attorney.

If you believe you or your children are unsafe and you are in the Rockford, IL / Winnebago County, IL area, you can also seek help through the Rockford Family Peace Center. You can also contact the National 24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

As an experienced Illinois and Wisconsin divorce and family law attorney, Zach Townsend recommends at least scheduling a consultation with an attorney who can give you an idea of some of the problems that may arise as your case progresses so that you can anticipate the risks and difficulties of being a pro se (unrepresented) litigant in family court. Representing yourself without the legal knowledge necessary may create delays or problems within your case that a lawyer cannot undo or may be expensive or take a long time for a lawyer to fix for you if you do not hire an attorney in a timely fashion.

How do I schedule an emergency appointment with Zach Townsend?

Call or text (815) 200-8802 to begin the process of scheduling an emergency custody lawyer consultation with Attorney Zachary Townsend. Our email and voicemail systems are monitored 24/7, so please be sure to leave a message if you reach our voicemail – we do not return calls based on a missed call alone. We will provide you with our next available consultation options and go over the consultation fee if necessary.

During your emergency attorney consultation, Attorney Townsend will go over the background and history of your situation and your goals and quote your retainer in order to hire Pro Legal Care LLC to represent you in your matter.

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