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Lawyer Payment Plans

We understand that your legal fees may be intimidating, but we have several ways in which we can help you protect yourself and your family’s future.

Rockford Lawyers Who Take Payments

Like many professional services, lawyers will not usually take on a case without first receiving full payment.  Most Rockford attorneys, especially Rockford divorce lawyers, do not take cases without being paid in full prior to taking on the case.  Some law firms offer legal services financing.  Pro Legal Care LLC’s payment plans are through a program called Pay Later powered by Affirm.

Divorce Lawyer Payment Plans

During your initial consultation, your divorce attorney will go over how much a divorce costs and your rights to marital assets.  Often, a stay-at-home spouse believes they do not have access or rights to the money earned by the spouse who works outside of the home, which leaves them feeling scared and helpless without money to pay for a divorce lawyer.  We will educate you about your right to funds of the marriage.  In certain circumstances you may be able to charge attorney’s fees on a marital credit card or a credit card account jointly held by you and your spouse.

Your initial retainer typically must be paid in full prior to work beginning on your case.  In other words, our attorneys generally will not file an “entry of appearance” on your court case until and unless your initial fixed fee is paid in full.  You will need to complete a Pay Later payment plan application to determine for certain whether you qualify.  In order to qualify for a Pay Later plan through Pro Legal Care LLC, you will need to have a bank account and a reliable job or source of income.  With an approved Pay Later agreement, you will agree to have installment payments automatically withdrawn on a regular basis, timed with your payroll deposit, such as weekly or every two weeks.

Divorce attorneys do not work on an outcome-based fee structure and cannot be hired for a percentage of the potential marital settlement proceeds.

Do you qualify for a Pro Legal Care LLC payment plan?

You must meet with one of our attorneys for a free initial consultation in order to go over the details of your case and get a quote for your retainer prior to applying for a Pay Later agreement.  You can schedule your consultation by calling (815) 200-8802 or requesting an appointment online at any time.  Your no-obligation free consultation will be confidential and will arm you with the knowledge that you need in order to proceed with your case.

Need to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss lawyer payment plans?  Contact us.

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