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Illinois State Disbursement Unit – Navigating the SDU as a Parent

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The Illinois State Disbursement Unit (ILSDU or SDU) plays a vital role in ensuring that child support payments are managed and distributed efficiently and effectively, thus benefiting thousands of children across the State of Illinois. The ILSDU serves as a centralized hub for the collection and distribution of child support payments through modern technology. This article explains the origin of the ILSDU, explores the defining characteristics, and addresses why uniform collection and distribution of the child support processed by the ILSDU is beneficial for Illinois families.

The following is an explanation of the ILSDU process for child support payments:

History of the SDU

The ILSDU was established in response to federal legislation, specifically the Personal Responsibility Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. The U.S. Congress enacted this law to require each state in the United States to mandated each U.S. state to establish a centralized distribution office for the purpose of collecting child support from persons obligated to pay and distributing child support payments to child support recipients. The ILSDU also is responsible for maintaining detailed records of all child support payments made through the ILSDU.

Purpose of the Illinois State Disbursement Unit

The primary purpose of the Illinois State Disbursement Unit is to provide a single clearing house through which all child support payments can be made. The ILSDU does not directly participate in child support enforcement. Rather, it helps with enforcement with the uniform and reliable record keeping of payments. The ILSDU provides a centralized and efficient system for collecting and distributing child support payments and keeping a detailed accounting of all payments received. The benefits of the ILSDU are wide ranging and include the following:

How to utilize the State Disbursement Unit

The ILSDU operates as a centralized hub for processing child support. It collects payments from non-custodial parents and disburses those funds to custodial parents or guardians. Non-custodial parents can make child support payments to the ILSDU through various methods, such as income withholding, payroll deductions, or online payments, all of which are received, tracked, and processed by the ILSDU.

The person obligated to pay child support is normally required to provide their employer’s information so that an automatic child support withholding can be sent to the payor’s place of employment. Upon the payor’s employer receiving the withholding documents, the employer is required to withhold the specified amount from the payor’s wages and send that amount to the ILSDU. Until and unless the automatic withholding on the payor’s paycheck takes effect, the child support payor is typically required to send the payment to the ILSDU by voluntarily submitting payments. Child support payments in Illinois can be made to the ILSDU as follows:

Child Support Services

The Illinois State Disbursement Unit (ILSDU) is a centralized agency dedicated to efficiently managing and disbursing support payments in the state of Illinois. Its reliable and efficient and technology-driven operation benefits parents and children across the state. The ILSDU plays a crucial role in providing security for children and families through the consistent and accurate distribution of child support payments.

Child Support Attorney Consultation

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