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Motorcycle Accidents

Your life is on the line every time you take your bike onto the road, and you are putting your safety into the hands of everyday drivers. Drivers on the road, whether in an SUV or on a motorcycle, are required to exhibit non-negligent care to all the other people on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to even see motorcycles mere feet from them on the roadway. When this results in an collision with serious injuries to the rider, compensation is your right!

Most motorcycle accidents are settled with the insurance company outside of court, but make sure that you do not speak to the insurance company by yourself. Typically, the insurance company will try to persuade you to provide a recorded statement if they are able to before you retain a motorcycle injury attorney. Do not provide any statements, recorded or otherwise, to the insurance company without the approval and consent of your motorcycle injury lawyer (who will be present in the event you provide any statement). Furthermore, the insurance will also ask you to sign a release for medical records before you have a chance to hire a bike accident lawyer.

Rockford IL Motorcycle Injury Recovery

Motorcycle accident victims typically have larger settlement awards than other victims of roadway negligence. The amount an insurance company awards in auto accident cases directly correlates to the nature and severity of the injuries. Since auto accidents are usually more harmful when a motorcycle is involved. Make sure that you always wear a helmet for safety when you ride. The Court can add insult to injury depending on the jurisdiction, because your failure to wear a helmet can cause you to be partially responsible for your own wreck. However, motorcyclists injured in a crash do not get additional penalized for failing to wear a helmet in the State of Illinois. Remember, a helmet could be the difference between a personal injury case and a wrongful death case.

Biker Lawyers

The Rockford Personal Injury law firm of Pro Legal Care LLC take the time to understand the circumstances of your case. Our litigation team routinely visits the site of the accident to make sure that our understanding of the collision is accurate and complete, where we often capture the circumstances as they stand with video recordings. Our use of modern technology allows us take the jury to the scene of your accident. From the moment an injury client hires Pro Legal Care LLC, we begin developing your story to show the depth of your case. We will monitor the progress of your treatment, and we help provide you guidance through your recovery process. Do not make the mistake of failing to seek medical treatment when you need it. Lawyers for the insurance company are looking to take advantage of your mistakes.

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