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Sexual Assault Lawyer

Accused of a sex offense? Your future could be greatly impacted by the charges and you need the help of an experienced defense attorney to navigate the process.

Do You Need a Sexual Assault Lawyer?

If you face criminal charges for a sex offense, you can feel overwhelmed, confused, and fearful. A sexual assault lawyer can provide guidance and a clear path forward. Aside from substantial fines and stringent pre-trial requirements as you await trial, you may ultimately face incarceration. However, time in prison and adding yourself on the sex offender registry could be just the beginning to a long road back to a normal and peaceful life. In order to protect your rights and secure an effective defense, you need to retain counsel immediately.

Sex Offense Charges that Necessitate an Attorney

Our law firm represents clients in sex offenses, including:

Make sure that you secure the best criminal defense attorney available, because you deserve a zealous defense if you have been charged with a sex offense. Do not try to represent yourself, and do not settle for sub-par legal care. Pro Legal Care LLC provides only the highest quality defense to protect your liberty, so you can get past this trying time and get on with your normal life.

How Can We Help?

Our office will help you develop a strategy to overcome your obstacles, because no job is too big for the litigation team at Pro Legal Care LLC. We will walk you through the possible scenarios, diagnose your issues, and determine possible strategies to overcome those issues based on the facts and legalities of your case. While some law firms take the simple approach of advising their clients to take a plea bargain right away, we will never advise a plea bargain without first conducting a thorough and critical analysis of your case. This includes an assessment of the legal strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and a comprehensive review of all of the facts will come before any consideration of a plea bargain. More importantly, at Pro Legal Care LLC, we are not afraid to take your case to trial.

Accused of a sex crime? Contact us today for help.

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